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  1. Innovating the Art of Hands-on Training in a Virtual World

    When you are a Risk Consult Engineer and your job is to know the ins and outs of how and why a boiler fire starts and spreads, what happens when a hands-on training program suddenly needs to transition online? In the latest episode of The Edge, guest Joel Sklar, Senior ...


  2. Showing Up Virtually

    In times of crisis, you can see a person’s true character in how they “show up” for the people who depend on them. This adage speaks volumes for full-service global event production company, PSAV. In this episode, host Michelle Boockoff Bajdek and guest Derek Blake, Divisional Vice President, Global Learning ...


  3. COVID-19 and the Growing Role of Human Capital Leaders

    Amid a heath crisis and social unrest, the role of human capital leaders has greatly evolved in the past few months. With new added responsibility in a time of disruption, human capital leaders have been on the frontlines. In this episode of The Edge, host Michelle Boockoff Badjek welcomes guest ...


  4. The Comscore Success Story: Shifting an Organization’s Mindset to Enact Real Change

    When organizations are confronted with difficult circumstances, survival and recovery are the end goals. In the face of adversity, Comscore seized the opportunity to enact a transformational culture shift. Joining host Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek is Beth Teixeira, Director of Learning at Comscore. She discusses a pivotal turning point for the organization ...


  5. Understanding Bias in Technology and Data

    In today’s climate, we find ourselves relying on technology more than ever before across different facets of our lives. Although technology has the power to drive positive change, rarely do we consider the existence and consequences of discrimination in technology and data. In today’s special episode of ...