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March 05, 2021 00:30:47
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Women in Exodus: Reversing the Pandemic’s Unjust Effects – Part 2

In part one of our special miniseries, our Skillsoft leaders painted a clear picture: the pandemic has unfairly led to millions of women to leave the global workforce. But the question remains, how do we combat this issue? In this second episode, our team of five female Skillsoft leaders returns, digging deeper into the solutions. Recognizing that it will take collective effort to rise to the challenge and reshape what the future looks like, these leaders share their recommendations for how we can start to enable and empower women on a global scale. To close out their discussion, our leaders share their own personal stories of challenge, bias, and inequality that they have faced as women in the workforce – showcasing the value and power of personal storytelling, and how important it is for women in leadership roles to be willing to share their stories. ...



February 11, 2021 00:24:03
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The Edge: “Safety First” – The New Motto for All

This week we share with you the last episode of Season One of The Edge. Alison Cowan, of Brunswick Corporation, shares insight on how the organization navigated a safe return-to-work plan amid COVID-19, while continuing to nurture the development of team members remotely.   ...



January 28, 2021 00:37:48
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Aligning Mission-Driven Organizations with Mission-Driven Leaders

What happens when perfect alignment occurs between the values of a mission-driven organization and the values of a mission-driven leader? Skillsoft’s new Customer Market Leader, Leadership and Business Solutions, Rashim Mogha touches on her personal journey of being a female leader, creating empowerment through innovation, and the power of positive leadership.   ...



January 14, 2021 00:47:15
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Safeguarding Against the Undercurrent of Volatility

Compliance training isn’t just important, it’s mission-critical. Skillsoft VP of Compliance Products, Norm Ford, shares his insights on the risks and threats organizations will have to safeguard against in the years to come and how companies can become better prepared to react during times of volatility.  ...



January 07, 2021 00:31:19
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Weathering Change Signals Need for Digital Dexterity

"Trust cautiously, sanitize frequently, share carefully, and cover exposures.” What does this have to do with our work lives, and how does it relate to developing digital dexterity? Skillsoft VP of Technology and Developer Products, Mike Hendrickson, rejoins host Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek to explain and provide insight into Skillsoft’s annual Signals report, Lean Into Tech: 2020 Tech Skills Trends & 2021 Predictions. ...



December 17, 2020 00:46:03
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Five Predictions for 2021 from Skillsoft Leaders 

In this special five-part series of The Edge, we bring together five of our Skillsoft leaders to share their predictions for 2021 – touching on key trends, challenges, and opportunities for the year to come and the role they will play in shaping the workforce as we know it.  ...